Dilia Zelaya
Children’s Home Director
Alex and Mariana Mendez
Christmas 2016

 Ministries of Faith

Honduras Children’s Home

 The Ministries of Faith and New Life in Azacualpa, Santa Barbara, Honduras is home to nine orphaned children, providing for all their basic needs—food, education, health, and spiritual growth. In addition to this ministry, Dilia has also founded the Escuela Cristiana Vida Nueva (Christian School of New Life), a bilingual school that includes a computer room; a feeding program that provides a meal five days a week to approximately 50 children in need; and a soccer program dedicated to teenagers from the community.
 The ministry is supported through efforts and donations of time, resources and finances from others.
8-10 mission groups travel to the home each year including construction teams, medical/dental teams, and adult outreach teams. 
If you would like to give monthly support or to plan a visit to the home, please click
on the website link below.
Ministries of Faith website click here.
Meet the kids … 
                        Alexandra                          Domitila                           Vanessa
                         Lizbeth                              Norma                              Esteven
                      Carlos                               Milton                             Glenda
FBC Team Trip June, 2016