A Short History of First Baptist Church, Marshalltown, IA

 During the stress of the Civil War and the busy, hot days of summer, a few Christ followers met at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Delos Arnold in the village of Marshalltown on August 25, 1863 to organize the First Regular Baptist Church of Marshalltown, Iowa. After a century of ministry, in several locations, the congregation moved into our present facility on Palm Sunday 1974.


In the 1990’s the church sensed a need to target young families for future growth. A goal was established to have at least 50% of the congregation at or under age 40. Strong children’s and youth ministries supported that goal. Under the new leadership of Pastor Sipe, the whole ministry of the church became more contemporary, including a second style of worship. The significant numerical growth that followed these changes resulted in crowding, and in 2002 a beautiful and functional addition was made to the entry. This enlarged foyer is now called “The Café”.


After nearly a century and a half of ministry, the purpose of First Baptist Church is the same:

to make more and better disciples of Jesus Christ. An energy and excitement is present in the congregation as we plan and execute new strategies and new programs in this 21st century.

FBC Values


We value strengthening the family, as God defines it, through intentional ministry.

Biblical Instruction
We value the teaching of God’s Word for the saving of souls and maturing of believers.


We value one another and put effort and energy into establishing and maintaining healthy relationships with God and others.


We value the importance of mobilizing believers to use their spiritual gifts in Christ-like service.


We value God-centered, Bible-saturated, culturally relevant worship.

We value reaching our city for Christ and make efforts to pursue, win, and disciple them to become mature believers in Christ.